VirtuaGirl HD Review – Your Personal Desktop Stripper

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Sometimes, don’t you just want to take a break from all the hard humping and screaming? You know, to just sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the feminine form without it being violated by some sweaty dude grunting like a cow.

Just you, the lady of your dreams, while she gyrates and/or strips for your pleasure, any time, anywhere.

Oh and affordably too!

That’s all possible now with VirtuaGirl, a simple, easy to use and safe little program that allows you to enjoy sexy ladies on your desktop.


The Girls

virtuagirl review

Beautiful huh.

Most of their girls are from Eastern Europe, and I don’t mind, considering how beautiful the women from over there are.

One thing I really like about the girls in here are that, while most of them are relatively unknown, I’d say 95% of them are really, really attractive. There are old school favourites like Zuzana, Aria Giovanni and Carla Cox, but for the times when you’re in the mood for fresh faces to wiggle and strut around for your pleasure, you’d be sure that even these amateurs will be really beautiful.

Definitely a 10/10 for the quality of girls.



virtuagirl review 4

As of the end 2014, there are more than 1500 ‘cards’ based on a similar number of girls in their library. Each ‘card’ is a collection of scenes based on a girl and a theme, so each girl can have multiple cards, allowing you to enjoy each virtuagirl in your favourite attire.

Like the sexy girl next door? How about a maid that has taken a fancy towards you, or even a sexually oppressed sergeant in the army who needs to show her true liberated self, the themes are varied as they are interesting.

The only real lack of variety comes from the girls… because most of them are pretty.. and leggy… which might be an issue for lovers of BBW and the like. Personally though, I’m not complaining, and I’d be glad if they’d continue looking for sexy leggy girls to show off.


Format and Accessibility

virtuagirl review 3

Virtuagirl requires you to download a free program that works on both iOS and Windows. It’s really easy to use and when not in use, minimises itself into the taskbar. The software’s footprint on your system’s resources is very small, so you don’t need to get the latest and greatest pc to be able to enjoy the girls. It’s also very flexible and allows you to adjust things like the size of the girls, how often their names appear and the maximum number of girls you’d like to have on screen at any one time.

Fancy 10 Virtuagirls stripping for you together?

Note that you’re only allowed to have up to 2 installations per account. Just uninstall/unregister from your existing system if you’ve maxed out and need to move to a newer system. Once you buy a card, you own it for life, so you can download them again once you’re on your new computer.

The animations themselves are fantastic. As you can see in the example above, it’s smooth, clear and it really looks like there’s a person living (or.. stripping) on your desktop. It all looks very natural, which is in indicator of virtuagirl’s high production standards.

You can also play around with the girls; You can enlarge them, drag and drop them onto different surfaces around on the screen and if you feel like it, use Virtuagirl’s own backgrounds instead of your own desktop.



virtuagirl review cost

Downloading the free software and registering a free account is all you need to get started. You get up to 10 virtuagirl demos everyday, which are pretty hot even though these demos don’t include any nudity.

Secure payments are done easily via credit card. The only thing that will appear on your statement is the name of the payment processor (Epoch, CCBill, etc), so confidentiality is assured.

To buy the cards, you’ll need ‘credits’ in your account, which cost $1 to $2 each, depending on the package that you chose. Obviously, the more you buy at one go, the cheaper each credit becomes. 1st timers also get bonuses which can bring down the cost of each credit to $0.67.

Keeping in mind that the average card costs 2 credits, this means that a full length show (we’re talking multiple clips with total run times in excess of 30+ minutes) will cost you at most $4 and can go to as low as $1.34, and this goes even lower for cards lower than 2 credits.

Cards cost 1 to 3 credits and the more cards you’ve collected, the more discounts you’ll get.


VirtuaGirl HD Review Conclusion

Beautiful, leggy and lithe girls entertaining you whenever and wherever you want. Bloody affordable and easy to use too. Definitely one for the collection.



Girls, Girls, Girls. Naked!

A great way to enjoy the beautiful feminine form on your computer without breaking the bank

  • Girls
  • Variety
  • Format
  • Value

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