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TeenFidelity is the sister site of Pornfidelity, the product of a love between 2 geeks in the computer graphics industry, Ryan and Kelly Madison. Their love of porn ended up with them starting a simple website, which then grew, over the years, into an award winning hardcore studio focused on the fidelity of its videos.



As its name suggests, TeenFidelity is focused on teens having a.. er..good, hard time.

Naturally, with teens you have literally girls (as opposed to the ‘women’ in PornFidelity) who look much younger and ‘fresh’. Expect most of them to sport smaller, perkier boobs, with no silicon in the mix.

But do you know, in my mind at least, who the real star is? It’s the fucker. As in, the male porn star fucking the girls, Ryan Madison. There are are male models of course, but for the most part, Ryan’s the one starring in the vids, and good thing too. Like I mentioned before, I love the way he handles the girls. He’s fun, yet rough and dominating. It’s not often you see girls behaving so naturally and actually enjoying getting man-handled and fucked hard, 2 things that I love to see.

Ryan, I have to say, is one of the reasons why I love the videos on TeenFidelity so much.




This is where TeenFidelity suffers a little.

There are plenty of high quality sites that offer almost daily updates. Teenfidelity, on the other hand, only updates once a week, and suffers as a result.

They do make up for it in variety within the videos however. They do put in effort in trying to make each video a little different from each other in the theme and setting. Then there’s the variety from within the videos themselves.

In most other videos, you have a sprinkling of positions, and they mostly stay in one location. In TeenFidelity, the girls go at it in multiple positions, at multiple locations. They’ll be standing up one moment, then riding on the ground, then carried onto the bed, and then get pushed up against the wall again. Credit also goes to to how they allow the bunnies to go at it naturally, usually with the camera working around the humpers, as opposed to the humpers posing for the camera – a little directing decision that truly sets PornFidelity apart from the others.

If we can get new videos with such quality 2, or even 3 times a week, instead of the 1, it would make things so much more awesome. But, if the price for quality is less updates? I’m fine with it.



One look at the interface and you know that they’ve worked hard on trying to make searching for and watching your favourite videos an easy experience.

The model names are clickable everywhere, which is awesome when searching for model specific content. At the main and model pages, you can filter your searches with anal, bust type, ethnicity, cumshot type, and participation, mainly by Ryan and/or Kelly, or with others. Basic information like video length is laid out below the videos, while hovering your mouse cursor over the video screenshot starts a autoplaying screenshot preview of the scene.

In the video page itself, you have quick links of the left for you to jump to a specific act and position, and on the right, ways for you to adjust your viewer, like setting the video quality and or dimming the areas around the video to make it stand out. Standard controls are below, with a feature that’s rather unique to PornFidelity – the ability for you to quickly create clips to, allowing you to create your own playlists.

Creating a clip of your favourite part of the scene is extremely easy – Jump to start location, click the first ‘set in point’, jump to the end location, click the 2nd ‘set in point, put a name into the ‘name your clip’ area, click save, and voila! A saved clip in your library, with which you can quickly create a playlist of your own.

Creating and playing your playlist is extremely easy as well. While there’s still no ‘seamless playback’ as the list transitions between clips, it loads extremely quickly, so there are no awkward pauses between clips.

Loading times on this site is excellent. Of course, this is also dependent on the quality of internet connection you’re on, but in my experience at least, high quality streams load almost immediately, jumping around within the clips posed no issues, and the downloads are decidely fast. I can get downloads of 3.5 megabytes/s without any issues. The information provided in the download area is also very useful and thoughtfully laid out.

Also, it’s obvious that they take your feedback extremely seriously. You’re asked for your opinion at the top and bottom of the video players, and there are always polls you can easily participate in as you’re surfing around the site.





TeenFidelity’s pricing is pretty standard for an adult video site:

3 Day Full Access Trial – $8.95
1 Month Membership – $29.95
3 Month Membership – $59.95 (approx $19.98/month)

While the once a week update is a bit of a downer, the general user experience, and the quality of the videos themselves, more than makes up for it.

A couple of things also help: The Behind the Scenes videos for each scene, reminding us how down to earth, and fun, so many of these wonderful people are. The ‘Bonus’ section, which is actually a cool little treasure trove of older porn videos from publishers like Vivid Entertainment and even some hentai anime videos, as well as access to PornFidelity, the sister site to Teenfidelity, whose focus is porn stars and ‘women’.

Having the access to PornFidelity technically means that you get 2 updates per week, which is great plus if you like watching high quality hardcore videos of more mature women and other well known porn stars.

Membership does not include Kellymadison.com though. That site is focused celebrating the love between Ryan, his 34FF wife Kelly, and the occasional 3rd and 4th partner. I love Kelly, but she’s not my type I have to say, so it’s not a big loss for me (sorry Ryan). If you’d like to take up Kellymadison.com as well, it’s an option that’s on top of the porn/teenfidelity membership.


TeenFidelity Review – Conclusion

Beautiful, perky teens taking it rough in multiple positions while enjoying themselves? Why not?  Would be even more perfect if they had more updates, but, to me at least, it’s a small price to pay for such high quality XxX entertainment. I’d gladly take the 3 month membership package, which would give us about 8 high quality updates (4 from teen/porn fidelity each) for just under $20/month. Sign me up!


  • Girls
  • Variety
  • Accessibility
  • Value

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