SENPAI (Umemaro 3D) Review


SENPAI, or directly translated into english as ‘Senior’, is one of Umemaro 3D’s slightly ‘older works’ that came out back in 2005.

Two well endowed schoolgirls who profess their love to their senior in school. I wonder what’s going to happen next?



SENPAI is a 3D animated movie. It’s a simple movie file that weighs in at a little over 200 megabytes and will be playable on most systems without any modifications.

It is a little old and doesn’t come in the latest 1080p/4K formats (only available in 480p), but it’s still extremely enjoyable on a large screen. It will look good on your mobile device and will take up little space as well.


The Girls

senpai umemaro3d review1

There are 2 girls in this little story. One is a tanned, spunky haired and athletic, while the other is fair skinned, glasses donning and bookish. Both young and willing. Both with a vivacious body, large asses and huge bouncing tits. Umemaro 3D’s speciality in case you didn’t already know.

I’ve always had a thing for tanned athletic girls with a spunky hair cut. Now we have a young sporty schoolgirl with large tatas? Needless to say, I was really looking forward to this.

I’m not a big fan of girls who lack self-confidence or are to self spoken, so I can’t say I was a fan of the voice acting of the bookish girl. Didn’t help that she sounded kinda muffled as well. Tanned girl however, I liked. She sounded assertive, full of live, and her moans were loud, sexy but not over-the-top.


Animation Quality and Variety of Positions

senpai umemaro3d review4

Typical of Umemaro 3D’s work, the animations in here are smooth and beautifully rendered.

If you’re a fiend for bouncing titties, then this is definitely for you.

As the love interest of both girls, you’ll be treated to lots of up close and personal POV (1st person Point of View) shots of you getting blown, having their tits sandwich your cock, having the girls ride you and of course, you banging them. Personally, I prefer the 3rd person view because I can enjoy watching the girls getting banged while their boobs bounce hypnotically to the rhythm of the thrusts.

Thankfully, you’ll get plenty of those as well. In fact, there’s a very good balance of both 1st and 3rd person views with a lot of focus on, you guessed it, bouncing titties!

At 11 minutes, SENPAI adequately covers classical positions that are.. conducive to the enjoyment of bouncing mammaries, and they include the tit fuck, doggy, cowgirl and missionary positions, covered from multiple angles, in full 3d animated glory.



senpai umemaro3d review2

At about 2000 Yen, or approximately US$18.70, this isn’t exactly a cheap product. It’s also quite old to boot, having been released back in 2005. That being said, apart from the lack of HD resolution formats, you have to admit, it still looks like a modern day product, which is testament to the quality and work ethic of Umemaro 3D.

It would have been a no brainer back in the day, but now in 2014? It should ideally be at least half that price.



senpai umemaro3d review3

Beautiful designs. Fantastic animations. Bouncing tits. What more could we ask for?

A lower price maybe, but honestly, one might argue that a masterpiece such as this is still worth it, despite its age and lack of high definition formats.

Definitely one for the collection.



Worthy Addition to the Collection

It's a little on the pricey side considering its age and scope compared to his newer works, but if you're a fan of hot, big titted, high quality animated schoolgirls, then you should definitely consider adding this to your collection.

  • Format
  • Character Design
  • Animations
  • Position Variety
  • Value

Click to check out the demo or purchase at DLsite:

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