Rondo Duo Review (Tinklebell’s Rondo Duo -Fortissimo at Dawn- PunyuPuri ff )[輪舞曲Duo -夜明けのフォルテシモ- ぷにゅぷりff][ティンクルベル]

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Tinklebell’s Rondo Duo -Fortissimo at Dawn- PunyuPuri ff Review
[Tinklebell][輪舞曲Duo -夜明けのフォルテシモ- ぷにゅぷりff][ティンクルベル]

It looks like Tinklebell’s back ladies and gentlemen!

For those not in the know, Tinklebell was known for their high quality flash animated hentai games. They always featured dick girls, adding a little more traditional guy/girl action in their later games. One day though, they suddenly went silent. Except for glimpses into their next working title, there were no official news, and after a few years with no updates, many thought that they closed down.

After a hiatus of 6 1/2 years, something popped up on DLSite. Low and behold, a new title from Tinklebell, *deep breath*, Rondo Duo -Fortissimo at Dawn- PunyuPuri ff (輪舞曲Duo -夜明けのフォルテシモ- ぷにゅぷりff)!



Rondo Duo review 2
3rd Option (the one with the apple) gives you an adjustable window. The 1st 2 options are for full screen, for ‘high’ and ‘low’ resolution respectively.

Like all of Tinklebell’s other games, Rondo Duo -Fortissimo at Dawn- PunyuPuri ff is an animated feature based on flash.

Unlike their previous games which didn’t scale when you resized the window, this new one does, so you’re not forced to accept either full screen mode or microscopic windowed mode. Choosing the 3rd option from the menu will open up a windowed version of the game that’s resizeable.

One small thing though; Most good quality flash projects tend to be big, and at nearly 10GB, this is no different. Playing this on mobile devices will also be a problem. You won’t be able to play it on your iOS device and Android flash players tend to be quite glitchy.

The real problem, for you and me at least, is that there’s no English version. So, unless you speak Japanese, the story will mostly be lose. Luckily for us though, the gallery with all the juicy scenes are unlocked right from the start.


The Girls

Rondo Duo review 3There are tons of girls in this game, but typical of Tinklebell, they’re more the the anime-ish, kawaii-desu cutey type.

While most girls are typically the bouncy busty type, there are a few flat ones. Not a fan of those personally (duh, who doesn’t love tits?), but it’s a nice touch for characters that have yet to.. ‘come of age’, adding some form of variety.

But… it’s not like there’s a problem with variety. There are girls that come in literally all shapes and sizes, according to the type of characters they represent. From the naive, cutesy girls to the sporty, spunky, short haired femmes. With the exception of a couple of buxom teachers, all the other characters are students, all young, tasty, ready and willing. Needless to say, if young and tender is your thing, I’m pretty sure the character designs in this game would be to your liking.

Oh.. and before we forget, Futanari, aka Dick Girls, is the name of the game here… turn away if that’s not your thing!


Animation Quality And Variety

Rondo Duo review 4Rondo Duo is a game by Tinklebell, so one can only expect the best in smooth boxumy bounciness.

Practically all the positions available in the kama sutra, and then some. Not only that, most scenes have multiple ways of viewing it; Choices include viewing the scene in full, a comic like format with each cell focusing on different parts, like the facial expressions and a close up on the privates, as well as close ups focusing on selected portions of the scene. Apart from the viewing choices, there are also variations in speed, ranging from tender love making, to all out spirit possessed mad humping.

A lot of care has been given to each scene, of which there are about 60 (!!). From little things like the movement of the hair and the clothes, to a girl’s luscious tits bursting out of her bra as she climaxes with her partner, and the expressive facial and body language betraying their emotions and desires.The attention to detail, needless to say, is fantastic

Altogether, these things create what is easily one of the best looking hentai games of all time.


Value / Conclusion

This game is a monstrous game with over 60 scenes, each depicting mad humping girl on girl action. At about 2600 Yen, or approximately US$21.70, This is fantastic value, considering how many hentai games at this price range are comparatively horrid.

Then, you have to remember, it’s not just the number of scenes, but the quality of the scenes as well. Heck, even in story mode when the girls are just standing around talking, the girls are also intricately animated!

If there ever was a game that earned its paycheck, it would be this 15GB monster.



The Epitome of Girl on Girl Hentai Animation

An old guard, back with a full 15GB and 60 scenes of painstakingly drawn and animated girl on girl action that's completely worth its price.

  • Format
  • Character Design
  • Animations
  • Variety
  • Value

Click to check out the demo or purchase at DLsite:
Rondo Duo -Fortissimo at Dawn- PunyuPuri ff

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