R18.com Scam – Is R18 a Scam?

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The launch of R18.com was recently announced. Is it, however, a scam?

The short answer is No. Far from it.

R18.com is the English/Foreigner focused offshoot of the ultimate Japanese Adult Video (JAV) super site, DMM.com.

Imagine DMM.com as the JAV focused ‘Amazon’ in Japan. They’ve been around since 1999, and for their fiscal year ending 2014, they had a revenue of about 50 Billion Yen, or approximately US$420,000,000.

The issue with DMM.com, however, is that it’s focused on the local Japanese market. There is an option to view the site in English, but because it’s based on an automated translation system, the browsing experience for English speakers isn’t great.

R18.com is an attempt by DMM.com to create an online JAV superstore that’s been built from the ground up for the English speaking market. The quality of the English titles and descriptions of the videos makes much more sense. They’ve even included English translated adult manga (comics).

So is R18.com a scam? Far from it. In fact, it might even be the answer to all your JAV cravings from here on out.

Click here to read the review of R18.com

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