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PornMastermind is the umbrella Site for popular teen porno specialists FuckedHard18, MassageGirls18, FuckedHardGFs, New Girl POV, Bangable and Epic Sex.


Under, younger porn stars used to be the norm Nowadays though, PornMastermind seem to be focusing on the young and fresh: teens, mostly from America.

The standard of these girls are pretty good too. They’re young, fresh looking teens, and many of them seem new to the business, which is nice. Slim, with mostly natural looking tits, whoever’s choosing the girls now has good taste, and tends to prefer the more petite ones too. Not that I’m complaining of course, though if you’re into the slightly larger, curvy type of girls, you’d be out of luck. Think ‘sweet girl next door’ instead of ‘bodilicious booty’.


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Under its umbrella, PornMastermind has these as their core teen sites: FuckedHard18, MassageGirls18, FuckedHardGFs, New Girl POV, Bangable and Epic Sex.

On the massage fetish front, we have FuckedHard18, where girls get massaged and fucked, and MassageGirls18 where girls give the same massages and gets fucked. FuckedHardGFs does the ‘girlfriend home video’ thing, which seems to be popular nowadays. New Girl POV introduces girls who are new to the business and let’s you show them the ropes, while Epic Sex is PassionHD-ish kind of videos, where the girls make passionate love in idealistic, heavenly settings.

Bangable is a bit of an oddball. All it is, really, is a curated selection of ‘Bangable’ girls. It’s not porn. What they do, is create collages and short, glamour videos of beautiful models, known and unknown, pornstars and non-porn actors.

What PornMastermind does next is quite interesting. On top of videos they make on their own, they’ve also partnered with other similar teen themed sites to give you more videos. You don’t get access to the full collection of these sites (obviously, they’d rather you pay for it), but you do get a selection. At the time of this writing, theses are the sites they’ve partnered with:,,,,,,,,,,,, and Nubiles Porn.

What I didn’t like though, is the lack of updates of the core sites. When you check the updates, it may seem like PornMastermind adds video updates almost daily. Look closer however, and you’ll realise that not all updates are from the core sites. Sometimes, partner updates are used to fill in the blanks. Also, you do get stretches of non-porn updates from sites like Bangable and MrSkin (celebrity videos). It’s great if you’re not just into hardcore porn because it does add variety to the catalogue, but it can be annoying if you’re just here to see girls get banged.

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The site is beautifully designed and easy to use. Lots of large, high quality photos make navigating and choosing your content a breeze.

Search is usable and quite detailed, though it seems like they expect most of the tagging (blond, busty, etc) to be done by users, which limits the usefulness of the search somewhat.

They don’t use a responsive site, but because a lot of pictures and large words are used in the design, PornMastermind is still easy to navigate on smart phones. No special site or setting required for mobile use; Just login normally and start watching.

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No surprises here – standard porno pricing:

$39.95 – One time charge. Access for 30 days.
$29.95 – 30 Day Access Continuous access. Cancel any time.
$59.95 – 90 Day Access Continuous access.
$17.95 – 40% off! Discounted 30 Day Access Continuous access. Cancel any time. (You must use this link)

At roughly $20/month, getting the 90 day package would be the best long term, normally. It’s, per month, half the price of the single month pricing, and about 33% off the monthly subscription.

For you reading this however, you’ll be able to get an exclusive PornMastermind Discount that’s 40% off the usual monthly rate. At $17.95/month It’s even cheaper than the 90 day package!

It’s O-K value for what you’re getting. While the updates could be better, they do fill it in with some quality content from their partners, which is best appreciated if you’re not just into hardcore videos, but also the appreciation of young, beautiful women in general.

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PornMastermind Review – Conclusion

Great teen content. Lacks the update frequency of some of the more popular sites, but the girls on PornMastermind makes it worthwhile, and the creative partnerships with partner sites does add some spice into the mix.


Pretty Good

Smells like Teen Spirit

Could have more frequent updates, but still a great portal, if you're into young, fresh faced girls getting it.

  • Girls
  • Variety
  • Accessibility
  • Value

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