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When I reviewed R18 awhile back, I did get some comments and emails about why some people think Erito is superior. I, on the other hand, begged to differ, and gave reasons why I felt R18 is better.

For those who are sceptical, let me make some things plain right now – It’s not secret that I am an affiliate for all the products I talk about, yes? That’s how bloggers like us make money. What I try to do at least is make sure I recommend the good ones, and ensure that my reviews are on point. This is part 1.

And here’s part 2 –  If I’m really recommending based on incentives, I’d ask you to go for Erito instead of R18. This is because Erito pays much more for conversions. Much, much more. In multiples in fact. Many, many multiples. lol. (..*sob*)

Trust me now?

Thanks. I love you too. XD

Anyway, let’s get on with the actual Erito vs comparison.

Erito vs 1

Erito vs R18 – Background

Remember, as I mentioned in my R18 review, R18 is not just another Japanese Adult Video (JAV) online store. They are, in fact, the foreign arm of DMM, which is the ultimate online JAV retailer in Japan. If you’re a horny local Japanese, that’s where you go to for your JAV fix. If you want the latest and greatest in JAV, DMM, and by association, R18, is the place to go to.

Also mentioned in my original review, Erito, on the other hand is a JAV streaming site with American roots. They are managed by the same people who brought you Brazzers and Digital Playground. In fact, in some of their scenes, you can actually see the DMM watermark.

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Erito vs R18 – VODs, Subscriptions and Content

There’s a slight difference in how you get to buy content.

Erito is a video streaming site. So, the only way to enjoy their content is to pay for a subscription, after which you get full access to their library, which is updated daily with 2 scenes. No downloads. However, ALL the scenes in their library are available in FullHD. on the other hand, is both an online adult hypermart and a video streaming site. You can rent or buy videos individually and subscribe to channels where you full access to its library as well, with downloads. There are different channels, organised by various fetishes, themes or releases by specific publishers. Not all videos are in FullHD, though most of the newer ones are. Oh, they sell hentai comics and videos too.

One BIG issue though – DRM. You can only watch their videos, streamed and downloaded, using their proprietary player. Which is an inconvenient bummer. Some people have gotten around it by recording it off the screen, bit it’s still an annoying issue nonetheless.

However, R18 has a huge ace up its sleeve: The ridiculous PRIME All Access plan. Which we’ll talk about about when we discuss prices below.

Erito vs R18 3

Erito vs R18 – Variety

Now that you know some basic background information from both sites, it would probably be quite obvious by now that, in terms of sheer volume and variety of JAV content, can’t be beat. has the biggest, the best, the old, and the new. It’s essentially the entire JAV market made accessible to the non-Japanese world. Naturally, expect all new videos and starlets to appear here first. Also, for channel subscriptions, each update is typically an entire video title, each with multiple scenes.

Erito has 2 updates daily, but each update is basically 1 scene from a title, somewhere. If you’re the type that doesn’t like to be overwhelmed however, Erito’s the way to go, because they do choose good videos to add into their library.

So, while might have everything, it will also include scenes and videos you’re never going to watch, for various reasons (no interest in the girl, fetish, etc). Erito has a small library overall, but its contents are curated by people who are familiar with the non-Japanese market, so you might find as much enjoyable content despite its size.

A true case of quality vs quantity.

Erito vs R18 4

Erito vs R18 – Prices

The usual prices for Erito are $29.99/month, $19.98/month for the 3 month package, or $9.99/month for the full year package. Using the links here however, you can subscribe to Erito at a discounted price of $17.95/month if you don’t like a 12 months commitment.

For, rentals tend to be about $3 – $6 (rounded up), while you can expect to pay about $5 – $27+ to own the videos for life. Prices depend on popularity, quality (SD or HD) and age of the title. Naturally, titles that were released recently and available in HD would cost more than one that’s been out for 5 years, for example.

Channel subscriptions are about $20 to $47, with most of them in the middle of the range. They all have thousands of videos, with 20 to 150+ updates per month depending on the channel, each update an entire video.

Then you have this:

Remember the ace I was talking about? This is it.

For only US$ 83.07 (*8,980 JPY), you get practically EVERYTHING in the R18 library. Old. New. Niche. Mainstream.

Japanese. Pussy. Everywhere.

For just a little more than twice Erito’s subscription fee, you get full unlimited access to probably the largest legit Japanese Adult Video library on the planet.

Also.. Erito’s 2 daily scene updates… vs multiple full length videos each with multiple scenes from multiple channels per day? Talk about an absolute beating.

There’s a 2 day US$ 2.78 (*300 JPY) Trial, so give it a go and get ab-so-lute-ly smothered in Japanese pussy! It you want to cancel, make sure to do it before the deadline.

erito review3

Erito vs R18 – Value

The worst value would be to rent the individual titles from of course. Just add a little more and you’ll be able to own that title for life. This is the best option if you’re very specific about what you want however.

The next best value program would be from Erito, especially if you’re getting the 12 month package. At $119.88, it brings the monthly cost of subscription from $29.99, down to just $9.99, which is basically a 67% discount. Or, if you prefer not to make such a large commitment, you can consider the 3 months package at $19.99/mth (paid in 1 go at $59.99).

The best value overall however, will be a channel subscription from It’s more expensive than the discounted prices from Erito, but you get 3 huge advantages: Larger libraries of videos, frequent full video updates (instead of scene updates from Erito), and it gets even more ridiculous when you talk about the PRIME All Access plan!

Erito vs R18 5

Erito vs R18 Conclusion

If you’ve taken the time to read through the analysis above, then I believe you’ll understand why I used to whole heartedly recommend channel subscriptions at over Erito, even though the incentive for me (and for any review sites / blogs out there) is to recommend the reverse.

The biggest change of course, is that now you can only view’s videos, streamed and downloaded, using their silly proprietary player.

If you’re looking for the lowest priced option, the discounted $17.95/month or $9.99/month 12 month package would be ideal. You’ll have access to a decent library of curated FullHD JAV goodness.

The best value of course, despite the need for a proprietary player, would still be to subscribe to a channel in R18, or the full JAV madhouse that is R18’s PRIME All Access plan, what with its 17 channels and over 223,000+ titles.

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