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Dorcel Club, the online video portal for the venerable Marc Dorcel and his award winning works. Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s on offer.


Unfortunately, this isn’t a good place if you’re looking for amateurs or ‘girl-next-door’ kinda vibes though. There are a few, but think ‘women’ instead of ‘girls’ and you’ll get the general idea. But, omg, who doesn’t love sophisticated European women with their cute, accented English getting banged eh? Lots of big names like Cindy Dollar, Abbie Cat and Anissa Kate, so there’re no shortage of heavenly women here.

The make-up favoured at Dorcel Club also exudes ‘sophistication’ instead of ‘prostitute’ or ‘slut’, so, good news if you’re a bit bored with the questionable use of make-up in American porn sometimes.

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‘Girl next door’ is not the name of the game here. Most of their fantasies are focused on upper class sophistication, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for something down to earth. That said, they do provide a lot of behind-the-scenes access, which is nice.

If there’s one real complaint, it’s that they scenes are often a little too… controlled. They’re the complete opposite of what I like about sites like PornFidelity, where they mostly let the rabbits go at it, with the cameras working around the actors. In Dorcel Club’s scenes, there’s a lot of posing and working for the camera. It’s not a deal breaker, and there are plenty of scenes that are actually better because of this, but I’d love to see more ‘raw’ cinematography from European porn.

Updates are done at least twice a week. One advantage with Dorcel Club is that you’ll often get access to new scenes even before they’re made available elsewhere. Some are even exclusive to this site only. They also add in a good mix of older videos, with classics remastered at a higher resolution, and the more recent ones remastered into 4K and/or 3D.

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Well, being a primarily French company, you’ll occasionally get the Engrish treatment, like ‘ANISSA KATE FUCKED BY TWO MENS’.

Apart from that though, things are pretty straight forward.

Dorcel Club is mobile friendly, so you can just visit the site on your mobile devices and the videos will play just fine. Videos can be sorted by most popular, latest, series (french maids, russian institution, etc) and porn stars.

I feel that the search could have been more comprehensive though. Videos at Dorcel Vision, their online Video on Demand store, can also be searched with specific fetishes, like big/small tits, and even positions available in the videos. That’s not the case with Dorcel Club. Another little annoyance is that when searching via porn stars, it’s sometimes hard to tell apart the ‘behind the scenes’ videos with the normal ones.  It can also be annoying because they count these extras as videos, so if they say someone has ’50 videos’ for example, 25 of them could be the ‘behind the scenes’ videos. Hopefully, they’ll port the same features over soon.

In short, they got the bare essentials down; The interface is clean, simple and easy to use, though there’s much more room for improvement. Also great that they’re looking to the future, with new videos coming out in 4k with some 3D ones in the mix. VR is still only available at Dorcel Vision as a VoD, though I’m hoping they’ll start launching VR in Dorcel Club as well, once it starts going really mainstream.

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These are the different packages available at Dorcel Club:

$4.99 (or $1.99) – 1 day hardcore trial membership (Auto billed for $29.99/month afterwards)
$14.99/month,12 month membership, billed in one payment of $179
$19.99/month, monthly membership (Exclusive 33% Discount!)
$29.99/month, standard Monthly membership.
$995 – Lifetime membership, Unlimited access to the Club forever (+ Letter from Marc Dorcel, a goody box with tee shirt, cap, mousepad, usb stick, fun glasses, and all other benefits like partner discounts)

One of the few companies I know that actually has an option for lifetime memberships. Technically, when compared to the 12 month package, your subscription to Dorcel Club would be free after just over 3 years.

As always, without a discount, single month plans are always the least value for money. Thankfully, using the links here, you’ll be able to get a reasonable rate of $19.99/month if you prefer the monthly payment option!

With the beautiful women, fairly frequent updates and willingness to try out new formats, I dare say that Dorcel Club is reasonably good for value when you use the discounted rates and packages.

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Dorcel Club Review – Conclusion

If you’re into sophisticated European smut, then Dorcel Club’s the site to add to your portfolio. Beautiful European girls in sexually compromising positions and situations, filmed with high production values. The discounted prices and packages make Dorcel Club even more tantalising.

Damn Good

Sophisticated Smut

High quality, upper class fantasies at reasonable prices. Why not? And who can say no smouldering European women eh?

  • Girls
  • Variety
  • Accessibility
  • Value

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