Girlfriends 4 Ever Review

Girlfriends 4 Ever is the latest 3DX project by Miro from Affect3D.


Sayako, a curvy, busty, full figured brunette with a 15″ cannon, and Tara, a slim, petite platinum haired seductress with a huge appetite for cock are at the helm of this ambitious 3D animated project.

The character designs are fantastic, with almost perfect model like face, make-up and physique for both of them. Also nice that they have different physiques, a short cut many new 3d animators take, presumably because you’ll only need to swap out a head instead of designing an entirely new 3D model.

Even though it’s just 2 girls, having them be attractive yet distinctive adds a little bit of variety to the mix. Not that I’d complain if it were a Tara/Tara or Sayako/Sayako combination to be honest. It’s easy to tell that a lot of effort has been put into making the girls of Girlfriends 4 Ever.


What does one do with 2 girls that was almost made to perfection? Have them go bunny on each other of course.

Total run time of Girlfriends 4 Ever is about 20 minutes, if you’re the type who like to take things a little slow, letting the little love story between Sayako and Tara unfold. Or, if like to jump right into the action, there are roughly 5 main positions the girls assume to show their intense love for each other (with more in the DLC). Each of position is covered by a variety of fantastically positioned camera angles as well, letting you be the perfect voyeur.

One might argue that 5 positions isn’t really enough, and there should ideally be cumshots for each position. I feel, however, that this is a case of quality over quantity, as each scene is lovingly crafted. That, the different angles, as well as some fun little extras that have been thrown in, do help add a bit of variety.


One of the problems with many animated projects by small time artists and studios is the poor quality of animations. Just looking at the trailers however, it’s obvious that this isn’t going to be the case with Girlfriends 4 Ever.

Animations are extremely smooth and fluid. The fantastic camera angles add a sense of drama and/or intimacy, as required. All the sexual positions positions are damn well done too. They look oh so natural and sexy, even the ones that are a little our of this world.  Then of course, you have Sayako’s huge cock, which is put to good use, with her taking smooth, long, full strokes as she deep throats and fucks Tara. And the cum shots, where Sayako does a few quick, hard pumps, and then smoothly slides her cock out of Tara’s tight little pussy? oohh man.

Fantastic animations are definitely the defining feature of Girlfriends 4 Ever. It really looks like (or even better than) 2 horny sluts going at each other, with natural looking tits-a-shakin’ and asses-a-boincin’.

If I have to nitpick, it would be that they look funny when they talk. But really, that’s like complaining about the story of a porn scene eh?


Girlfriends 4 Ever is packaged in a flash container. It’s neither good or bad, but what I like is how Miro has made it into not just a high quality movie, but an interactive package. You can not only choose to play each scene individually, but also have direct control over which angles you want to loop, and even speed up or slow down the loops to your liking.

A small complaint though. There’s only volume control for the music, not the voices, so you can’t really control the volume of Sayako and Tara’s moans without touching your main volume control. Also, it’s unfortunate that this whole thing is done only in 720p resolution, which, considering how 4k monitors are going to soon be the norm, means that longevity might be an issue.

Miro should really consider using 3D Engines like Unity for his future projects. That may bring the quality of the rendering down a bit, but it opens up a lot of possibilities as well.


The lack of scenes might be an issue, but as I mentioned above, this here really is a case of quality over quantity. But, at its price, it gives even many of the Japanese animated game titles out there a run for its money. It’s by no means cheap, but it’s good value considering what you’re getting.

Girlfriends 4 Ever Review – Conclusion

With fantastic character design, fantastic animations, reasonably good voice work and the ability to control some of the action, it’s pretty damn amazing considering Girlfriends 4 Ever is Miro’s first fully animated title. Setting a new standard for 3DX titles out there, and at a reasonable price too.



Animated Sexual Mayhem

World class girl on girl 3DX action at a reasonable price.

  • Girls
  • Variety
  • Animations
  • Accessibility
  • Value

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